Asking the Right Questions

People with lung cancer, and their caregivers, need to be health care advocates. At doctor appointments, the person with lung cancer and his or her caregiver will work together to ask questions and provide critical information that doctors rely on to make the best medical decision for the patient.

It is important to acknowledge and assert yourself as part of the health care team, include your family members in as much of the decision making as much as possible, and write down everything.

Everyone has different decision-making styles, and you will need to determine your personal decision-making style for making medical and treatment decisions. This style may change as the you proceed through diagnosis and treatment; at various points you may decide:

  • You prefer to make the final selection of your treatments after considering your doctor's opinion
  • You prefer that your doctor make the final decision about which treatments will be used after considering your opinion
  • You prefer to make the final decision on which treatment you should use
  • You prefer to leave all decisions regarding your treatment(s) to your doctor

In this section you will find lists of important questions to ask at each step of the lung cancer journey, as well as checklists to help you prepare for a problem-based doctor visit or for travel.