2018 ALK-Positive Lung Cancer Transformational Research Award

Alk PositiveThe 2018 ALK-Positive Lung Cancer Transformational Research Awards have been made. Read about the 2018 funded projects.

Below is a description of the award program.

ALK-positive lung cancer is a type of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in which the ALK gene is fused with, or attached to, a part of another gene. The fused gene produces a unique ALK protein that promotes abnormal, unchecked cell growth. About 4% of lung cancer patients have the ALK mutation. While there are currently four FDA-approved targeted therapies to treat ALK-positive lung cancer, the cancer inevitably recurs because the cells become resistant to the effects of the targeted therapies. Thus, there is a huge unmet need for additional treatment options for ALK-positive lung cancer patients.

ALK Positive—a group of 1,000+ ALK-positive patients and their caregivers in 41 counties who are raising significant funds for research—and LUNGevity Foundation have partnered to support high-impact research that seeks to transform the future for patients affected by ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer. This is the first group of ALK-positive patients to directly influence the direction of research that will, one day, save their lives.

Funded projects are expected to have a direct impact on the outcomes of patients with ALK-positive lung cancer, but innovative proposals that address other unmet needs in the ALK-positive lung cancer space are also invited for submission. Applicants are encouraged to propose projects that utilize the resources of the ALK Positive members, which include their available histories, opinions, tissues, bodily fluids, and any other aspects of their condition.

This award is open to researchers at both US and international institutions. Note that, at the time of application, international applicants must name a co-investigator at a US institution. All research funds will be disbursed through a US institution.

An applicant may submit no more than two applications for this award.

2018 ALK-Positive Research Award

  • $50,000 in each of four 6-month periods
  • 6-month milestones must be met

The award may be for a maximum of $200,000

  • $50,000 in each of four 6-month periods
  • 6-month milestones must be met

A two-step application process will be used:

  1. A letter of intent (LOI), with a brief overview of the proposed project and biographical information of the applicant  (and the applicant’s co-investigator at a U.S. institution, if the applicant is international)
  2. A full application with an extended narrative about the project as well as supporting information and documentation. Because there is only one award, only a subset of applicants is invited to submit a full application after the LOI review is completed.

Reviewers are drawn from the LUNGevity Scientific Advisory Board and other ALK experts.

Awardees have progress and financial reporting obligations during the award term.