Project Transform Research Team

Project Transform—a collaboration between LUNGevity and The Ohio State University School of Medicine—is an innovative approach to understanding treatment preferences of patients with lung cancer. It encompasses core principles of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), in line with LUNGevity’s mission of providing a voice to the lung cancer patient.

The Project Transform Team

John FP Bridges, PhD, MEc

John FP Bridges, PhD, MEcDr. John Bridges is a Professor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics and Surgery at The Ohio State University School of Medicine. Throughout his career, John has advocated to involve patients and other stakeholders in healthcare decision making. He supports that patients and stakeholders should have a “seat at the table” in the allocation of resources and in the regulation of medicines.

John was the Principal Investigator (PI) for the Project Transform Pilot Project and will continue to be the PI for the national Project Transform study.

Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH

Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPHDr. Upal Basu Roy is the Director of LUNGevity Foundation’s Translational Science Research Program and Director of Patient FoRCe (Patient Focused-Research Center). He manages the logistical aspects of Project Transform.

For questions about the patient preference study, you can contact Upal at

Project Transform's External Advisory Committee

  • Jeff Allen, Friends of Cancer Research 
  • Joel Beetsch, Celgene
  • Gideon Blumenthal, MD, FDA
  • Philip Bonomi, MD, Rush University Medical Center
  • Julie Brahmer, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Emuella Flood, ICON
  • Susan Gorky, Celgene
  • Cynthia Grossman, PhD, Faster Cures
  • Frank Liu, Merck
  • Linnea Olson, lung cancer advocate, blogger, and artist
  • Salome Samant, MD, Merck
  • Jamie Studts, PhD, University of Kentucky
  • Michelle Vichnin, Merck