Project Transform's Patient Ambassadors

LUNGevity’s patient preference study – better known as Project Transform – is completely patient-focused and patient-driven.

Our Patient Action Committee, consisting of lung cancer survivors, has guided us throughout Project Transform, ensuring that we are asking the right questions that are relevant to the survivor community and making sure that we are capturing the voice of lung cancer survivors and caregivers.

Some of our Patient Action Committee members are going into their communities to reach survivors and caregivers who do not engage with patient advocacy groups. These Patient Ambassadors are striving to ensure that the voice of the truly unempowered lung cancer survivor and caregiver is being captured in Project Transform.

We are incredibly humbled by the passion and commitment of our Patient Ambassadors. Meet them below.

Su Benson, Washington State
Su Benson
Washington State
Lysa Buonanno, Nevada
Lysa Buonanno
Dusty Donaldson, North Carolina
Dusty Donaldson
North Carolina
Jane Elterman, Texas
Jane Elterman
Jill Feldman, Illinois
Jill Feldman
Linnea Olson, Massachussetts
Linnea Olson
Don Stranathan, California
Don Stranathan