Patient-Focused Research Center (Patient FoRCe)

Patient FoRCe

Progress in the lung cancer treatment landscape is advancing at unprecedented rates. Even so, health care practice, policies, and many clinical trials and therapies are developed without the direct input of the patients who are supposed to be served. 

LUNGevity’s Patient-Focused Research Center (Patient FoRCe) is a new bridge to connect the patient voice with health care professionals, regulators, policymakers, and developers of drugs to ensure that their voices are heard and incorporated into decisions.

Patient FoRCe is changing the paradigm in lung cancer from assumptions being made about patient preferences to evidence-based conclusions about what patients value.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, LUNGevity’s Patient FoRCe seeks to uncover gaps in information, misperceptions about patient attitudes, and areas of unmet need. We then incorporate the lung cancer patients’ preferences and experiences into the development of relevant policy, treatments, and research protocols.

Our projects are uniquely patient-focused, involve multiple stakeholders, and fall into three broad categories:

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