Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a critical resource for the discovery of new tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat lung cancer in its various forms.

Recent scientific and drug-development advances have created new opportunities and complexities in today’s lung cancer treatment and research paradigm. This has raised important questions about how best to optimize clinical trial design, patient selection, and regulatory requirements, especially given the rapidly evolving treatment landscape and emerging opportunities with new targeted agents, immunotherapies, and combination approaches. 

Scientific and Clinical Roundtables

LUNGevity’s Scientific and Clinical Roundtables bring together key stakeholders from across the lung cancer ecosystem, including domestic and international regulators, industry partners, clinicians, and patients, to discuss challenges and opportunities in designing and executing rational clinical trials.

The Roundtable provides a platform to build on discussions and activities launched during a July 2015 FDA meeting, with the objective of prioritizing actionable issues and working toward solutions to improve the lung cancer clinical trial landscape for patients, clinicians, drug developers, and regulators.

The three areas of focus and work are:

  1. Expanding eligibility criteria to include more patients in clinical trials
  2. Streamlining the adverse event data reporting and safety monitoring
  3. Creating a common control arm for certain sub-populations of patients for whom the standard of care has not changed in many years

For more information about the Scientific and Clinical Roundtables, please call 312-407-6100.