Access to Biomarker Testing

LUNGevity’s Take Aim Initiative is aimed at biomarker testing and ensuring that patients have access to testing to help guide their treatment decisions in a timely way.

The goal of LUNGevity’s Take Aim initiative is to ensure that all patients have access to precision medicine (including immunotherapy)—that patients are tested at diagnosis for the profile of their tumors, that they are given access to therapies or clinical trials targeted at their cancer’s mutations, and that they have the information they need to participate in their healthcare decision making.

Take Aim is a multi-stakeholder, multi-year initiative to break down barriers to biomarker testing—a key component of precision medicine. LUNGevity works with multiple partners including professional societies, clinicians, industry partners, payers, and patients to address the following issues:

Issues in biomarker testing


Reports to date: