Career Development Award Program

Without the LUNGevity award, I would not be doing research.

—Dr. Viswam Nair,
Stanford University

(now at Moffitt Cancer Center)

Dr. Viswam Nair

The goal of our Career Development Program is to train and retain the next generation of lung cancer researchers. These awards recognize outstanding scientists early in their careers, encouraging their continued development toward leadership in the field by supporting their innovative research projects.

Awardees serve as nonvoting members of LUNGevity’s distinguished Scientific Advisory Board for the terms of their awards and get experience in reviewing grants and learning about the peer review process. We also provide professional opportunities such as science communications training and a formal mentorship program with members of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Projects with a focus on either early detection or therapeutics are funded through this program.

Since its inception in 2012, the Career Development Award Program through 2020 has supported 29 talented researchers.

  • 17 awardees have graduated from the program
  • 8 of the graduates have already secured independent federal research funding
  • 75 publications have been generated by our Career Development Program Awardees

Dr. Meredith Tennis[I received] my first formal invitation to review and I feel much more confident accepting the invitation thanks to my recent experience reviewing with the LUNGevity Scientific Advisory Board. Thanks to LUNGevity for going beyond giving research funds and also providing education and hands-on experiences!

—Dr. Meredith Tennis, University of Colorado, Denver