Oncogene Summits

LUNGevity is partnering with several oncogene-specific patient support groups to help bring survivorship summits to these groups.

The summits offer information to those who have certain targetable mutations about the basic research surrounding their oncogene type.  Each type of lung cancer has specific treatment options, which may result in patients who share these mutations having similar needs, lifestyles, and treatment journeys.

The summits feature clinicians and researchers with expertise in the specific oncogene and provide opportunities for patients and caregivers to interact with the experts and ask questions. The summits also provide opportunities for patients to connect with others who have had similar treatments, side effects, and challenges, and to form a community that can advocate specifically for their type of lung cancer.

When an oncogene summit has been scheduled, it will be listed on our Events page.


We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors of our Oncogene Summit program.

Genentech        Takeda