ILCSC Goes Virtual: FAQs

Why did the 2020 event go virtual?

We made the difficult decision to convert the International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference to a virtual format for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the safety and health of our community is our greatest concerns the CDC currently recommends against non-essential travel and large gatherings to ensure the safety and health of ourselves and others. Many of our expert speakers are also under strict travel restrictions from their hospitals and institutions. In order to maintain the highest quality and educational value of the event, we determined a virtual format would be the best option.

Will there be an in-person ILCSC again?

The next in-person ILCSC will be in late spring of 2021 in the Washington, DC, area. We look forward to being together again and seeing you there!

I registered for ILCSC 2020—will that roll over to the 2021 event or do I need to reregister for 2021?

Your registration for this year’s ILCSC will be applied to the virtual event. You will need to register again when the ILCSC 2021 registration opens.  However, if you have already paid for this year’s ILCSC, the cost of registration for 2020 will be rolled over to 2021. When registration opens for the next in-person event, you will receive a promo code to void the cost of registration.

How can I connect with other lung cancer survivors before the virtual event?

There are so many ways to get connected! Be sure to give our virtual communities a try. Lung Cancer Support Community, LUNGevity’s online message board, has more than 13,000 users and more than 44,500 posts. Our staff and volunteer moderators are online and ready to connect with you across multiple forums, topics and posts. There are COVID-specific forums, like the COVID-19 Master Thread, with updates on the virus, and the Tell Me Something Good forum, filled with good news to be shared during these challenging times. Learn more here.

You can also connect with others through our private Facebook groups; these robust communities are there for you to join with other patients and caregivers and share information. To find out more about the groups and how to participate, click here.

If you prefer a face-to-face connection, give our weekly Zoom meet-ups a try. Meet-ups occur every Friday, either midday or early evening, with multiple meet-ups running simultaneously. Join once or multiple times to meet new people and see old friends. If you are interested in joining the next meet-up, learn more and register here.

We know how important it is to keep our community connected. Please remember: LUNGevity is here for you.

Who can I contact for additional information?

All registration-related questions can be addressed to Katie Brown, Vice President, Support and Survivorship Programs, via email:
All logistics-related questions can be addressed to Matt Burdetsky, Capital Meeting Planning, via email:

Travel and Hotel Questions


How do I cancel my hotel reservations?

All reservations in the group block at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel will be cancelled. If you are still planning to visit the Washington, DC area, you will need to rebook your hotel stay. There will be a new hotel block once the dates for the 2021 ILCSC are determined.

LUNGevity booked my travel as part of a travel grant; what now?

All flights booked by LUNGevity will be cancelled by our event staff.

Travel Grant and Survivor Challenge Concerns


I completed the Survivor Challenge to travel to DC in 2020; now what?

You will have the option to roll over your funds to travel to the next ILCSC in 2021 or gift your funds to the Foundation as a general donation and receive a tax deduction. You will receive correspondence in the coming weeks to help you determine which choice is right for you.

I completed the Survivor Challenge 2020 for one person; can I continue to fundraise to add my caregiver for the 2021 conference?

The Survivor Challenge will re-open July 1 to begin fundraising for ILCSC 2021. You will be able to continue to fundraise for your Survivor Challenge starting July 1.

I did not complete the Survivor Challenge for 2020; can I still fundraise to reach my goal?

The Survivor Challenge will re-open July 1 to begin fundraising for ILCSC 2021. You will be able to continue to fundraise for your Survivor Challenge starting July 1.

When is the deadline to complete the Survivor Challenge for 2021?

You will have the opportunity to fundraise toward your Survivor Challenge until early spring 2021. The official deadline to fundraise will be announced in late Fall/early winter.

I was awarded a travel grant for 2020; will I be able to use it in 2021?

Yes—travel grants will be carried over to 2021.