COVID-19 Conversation: Dr. Robert Winn, March 31, 2020

We asked Robert Winn, MD, Director of Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center, to answer questions that are most relevant to the lung cancer community regarding coronavirus COVID-19 from a pulmonologist's perspective. As the first African-American Cancer Center Director in the state of Virginia, Dr. Winn is an advocate for community-based healthcare and a champion for health equity.

Please see below for the questions that are answered in the accompanying video:

  • What should people who are being treated for lung cancer know about COVID 19? (minute 1:01)
  • Are there special concerns for people with lung cancer? (minute 2:25)
  • If I get exposed to COVID-19, will I develop infection? (minute 3:14)
  • How is COVID-19 spread? Is COVID-19 spread through the air? (minute 4:17)
  • Should I continue to get my treatment (chemotherapy or immunotherapy) during this time? (minute 5:15)
  • Should I continue to take my pills (targeted therapy) during this time? (minute 6:28)
  • What should I do if I develop symptoms that might be COVID-19? (minute 7:21)
  • How can I protect myself from getting COVID-19? (minute 8:57)
  • Can I attend church during these times? (minute 11:21)
  • Can I attend family gatherings during this time? (minute 12:53)
  • Can I bring a family member to my doctor appointments? (minute 14:28)
  • Where should people look for information they can trust about COVID-19? (minute 15:58)
  • Can you trust information that you see online? (minute 18:26)
  • What are some myths and facts about COVID 19 that need to be urgently clarified for our communities? (minute 19:39)
  • What information should lung cancer patients actively share with their caregivers and family members about their treatment? (minute 22:30)
  • What is your message of unity for our community? (minute 23:50)