COVID-19 Conversation: Dr. Pierre Massion, March 19, 2020

LUNGevity's Vice President of Research, Upal Basu Roy, MPH, PhD, spoke on March 20 with Pierre Massion, MD, from Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and LUNGevity Scientific Advisory Board member. We asked Dr. Massion to answer questions that are most relevant to the lung cancer community regarding coronavirus and COVID-19 from a pulmonology perspective.

Below are the questions he addressed in the accompanying video:

  • As a pulmonologist, what are the top five things you would tell a lung cancer patient about COVID-19?
    • What are some of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?  (minute 6:31)
    • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the lungs? (minute 10:03)
    • Why are lung cancer patients especially susceptible to COVID-19? (minute 13:50)
    • How can patients maintain lung health while at home? What are some resources they can use? (minute 15:38)
    • What is the impact of different cancer treatments on lung health? How do different treatments affect a patient who is infected with the virus causing COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)? (minute 17:45)
  • Any advice on how to manage stress and anxiety?  (minute 20:24)
    In this section, Dr. Massion also discusses drugs and vaccines that are in development – Note: audio is patchy
  • What is your message of hope for the community?  (minute 23:59)

You can download a transcript of Dr. Massion's responses here.