COVID-19 Conversation: Dr. Kristin Higgins, March 23, 2020

We asked Kristin Higgins, MD, from Emory University in Atlanta, to answer questions that are most relevant to the lung cancer community regarding coronavirus and COVID-19 rom a radiation oncologist perspective.

Below are the questions addressed in the accompanying video:

  • As a radiation oncologist, what are the top five things you would tell a lung cancer patient about COVID-19?
  • I am in the middle of my radiation therapy. I have finished seven cycles for my stage III. If I stop now, what will happen?
  • I was supposed to start SRS for my brain mets - can it wait?
  • I am in the middle of SRS for my brain mets - should I stop therapy?
  • I finished radiation therapy last year - are my lungs now healthy enough to withstand COVID-19?
  • I am a small cell lung cancer patient on a clinical trial of radiation and immunotherapy. Should I stop the trial? Will my cancer grow if I stop the trial?
  • This is an incredibly stressful and isolating time for the lung cancer community. Any advice on how to manage stress and anxiety?
  • What is your message of hope for the community?

You can download a transcript of Dr. Higgins' responses here (respuestas en español aquí).