Things My Dad Would Say...

Katie Brown

Father's Day is a special time to honor and remember all dads.

We have created a special photo frame on Facebook that does just that! Click here to change your profile picture (search for "LUNGevity Father's Day Bowtie") in time for Father's Day!

We are also doing something fun starting Thursday, June 15. It's "Throwback Thursday" on social media and we are taking it back to the wise, silly, and funny things dads have said.

Did your dad have a special saying or ever say something odd or funny? Here are some examples from my dad.

Anytime I didn't feel well he'd tell me to "put some clothes on." Not sure why, but he thought the more clothes I had on the better I would feel [insert rolling eyes of teenager here]. Or, whenever he would walk into a room he would dance in and say in a sing-song voice, "OH! I've gotta whale of a tale to tell ya!" (grin). He was a Navy man.

What are/were some of the things your dad has said that you'll always remember?

We are posting on social media from Thursday through Sunday #thingsmydadwouldsay.

Tag us @LUNGevity + use the hashtag #thingsmydadwouldsay, and let's remember and honor our dads together!

We will be picking five of our favorite "thingsmydadwouldsay" posts and those folks will receive a LUNGevity "HOPE" shirt!

Happy Father's Day!

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