Light a Candle in Honor or Memory

You may use the form on this page to light a candle in honor or memory of a loved one with lung cancer. Please be aware that submissions are reviewed before being posted. Your candle will usually appear within a few hours.

candle This candle is for ... My Father Harold Ward
From Eric

My Dad who left this Earth 17 years ago just know you’re gone but not forgotten!

candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From mamala and daddy

Hey baby girl, Cannot believe you are 50 years old today! We know you probably have a few wisps of gray in your hair, but you look beautiful and always will. We love you , we miss you more and always. mamala and daddy

candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From Daddy and Mamala

11 years have come and gone since you left us ! So many times we see someone who reminds us of you, so many times we see a place or thing that reminds us of you. And we look at each other and smile or laugh at the memory. So many! and photos galore of you, thank goodness, to bring more memories of you, your smile, your laughter and your amazing love for your son and your family. We miss you still so much. not much chance of that ever changing. Love you baby girl. Always and more

candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From mamala and daddy

Thinking about you at Christmas time, This was your time LOL you loved this time of year and it showed. Excitement oozed from you as you planned your theme, wrapped your exactly perfect gifts, made your perfect cookies and choco pretzels. We miss that every year. Christmas has never been the same, but then no other time has either. Tyler is doing well in his new world, with you watching over him!! Miss you baby girl. Sending you big hugs!!! love you more!!!!!

candle This candle is for ... Karen Nance Henry
From Ashley Reedy

Although your fight is over mother,you are deeply loved and missed and as your daughter and a health educator I will do everything I can do to help others fight there battles against lung cancer as well as help those who make lifestyle choices that lead to this terrible illness. Your youngest daughter,Ashley

candle This candle is for ... James Donahue
From Christina Donahue-Taylor

Love you and miss you! I am still fighting on for both of us

candle This candle is for ... Momma Kruger
From Kacie Kruger

Mom, keep fighting. Liver/kindey failure has not stopped you from believing in living a long, happy life. Your faith is strong. We love you so much!

candle This candle is for ... David McCool
From The Mazurek Family

candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From mamala and daddy

hey baby girl. Just sitting here thinking about you and missing you so much. Still cannot wrap my mind around how you could have been taken from us . Beautiful, loving, successful, prime of your life, and joyful. So many memories, so many reminders of you and your smile, your laughter, your hugs. Yes , we are getting old and it makes the missing stronger. . Tyler is doing well with his independence and Responsibility,. It was the best decision for him. I know you are watching over him. Love you babe' always and more:)

candle This candle is for ... Tim Marks
From Dominique KIng

Love you and still miss you. The Grovers miss you as well...Thinking of how you would have loved traveling and riding your motorcycle again this year. Hope to walk again next year in your memory for LUNGevity.

candle This candle is for ... Scott B. Aka Pa
From Beth, Brooke, Megan, Bob

We miss you more than words can express! We continue to keep your memory alive by sharing all the wonderful things about you. A day never goes by without us thinking about you. The girls miss you terribly....... Love you to pieces dad XOXOX

candle This candle is for ... Gary L.
From Brandy H.

In memory of Gary, who fought a good battle and has a new heavenly body now. We miss you, Dad.

candle This candle is for ... Dr. Lisa Grandinetti
From Gina Grandinetti Woodworth

candle This candle is for ... Carol Asvestas
From Nicole Asvestas

Mom, I love you so much and miss you so much. You were so caring to everyone no matter the circumstances. Always placing yourself last to help so many without second thought. Thank you for everything you gave us, all the sacrifices you made.....for everyone. You were so brave through everything. You never gave your word without keeping it and you accomplished so many incredible things and never gave up. Wish I could hear your voice and listen to you sing all the sons you love. .....

candle This candle is for ... Carol Asvestas
From Stephanie Reynolds

One of the most influential people in my life, you nurtured me like a mother. Thank you for including me in your family and life's work. It was a privilege to work by your side.

candle This candle is for ... Me Mari Casanova
From Mari

I'm feeling bless I fought a good fight not to many people fought right with me but I thank my mother and sister God bless you both for being my Rock