Light a Candle in Honor or Memory

You may use the form on this page to light a candle in honor or memory of a loved one with lung cancer. Please be aware that submissions are reviewed before being posted. Your candle will usually appear within a few hours.

candle This candle is for ... Carol Asvestas
From Nicole Asvestas

Mom, I love you so much and miss you so much. You were so caring to everyone no matter the circumstances. Always placing yourself last to help so many without second thought. Thank you for everything you gave us, all the sacrifices you made.....for everyone. You were so brave through everything. You never gave your word without keeping it and you accomplished so many incredible things and never gave up. Wish I could hear your voice and listen to you sing all the sons you love. .....

candle This candle is for ... Carol Asvestas
From Stephanie Reynolds

One of the most influential people in my life, you nurtured me like a mother. Thank you for including me in your family and life's work. It was a privilege to work by your side.

candle This candle is for ... Me Mari Casanova
From Mari

I'm feeling bless I fought a good fight not to many people fought right with me but I thank my mother and sister God bless you both for being my Rock

candle This candle is for ... My dad Johnny
From Nay

I know i pissed you off last year after I dropped out of high school my senior year, i went back this year my grades are so much better dad i like math just like you I dont feel like you left i have so much more confidence then i ever could imagined i miss you dearly tell my unborn that im sorry my body could not keep him safe and due time we will all meet again

candle This candle is for ... Lorna Marke
From Kathy and Alan

Your presence in our neighborhood will be missed. The daily outings with Yena and Spotz was always something to look forward to. You fought an admirable battle with your cancer, Lorna. May you be at peace now. Thanks for your friendship and laughter.

candle This candle is for ... Jennie Baumann
From Your Best Friend

It has been only 2 weeks since you left your body! I am so proud of you and your strength; You are an inspiration to all! I am trying to live life without you, but more importantly, I am trying to use your lasting impression on me to Love Life and Live it to the fullest. You are greatly missed Jennie!

candle This candle is for ... Carolyn Wake
From Pole Pass Family at Deer Harbor

Prayers to God and gratitude for a blessed friendship to our favorite Crab Queen

candle This candle is for ... Bradley A. Stephens
From kcccc

You truly are our "Super Hero Angel". You'll be truly missed.

candle This candle is for ... My dad, James E. Gordon
From Your daughter, Tracy Shoate

Taken from us in 6 months of diagnosis...not a day goes by that you aren't on my mind. Little did we know that I too had stage IV lung cancer. I miss you and love you. Love Sweetie

candle This candle is for ... Gertrude Barron
From Neil barron

Love you Grandma, it's been 25 years since you passed away in 1992. I'm 35 years old now, and have a little daughter on the way. I know you had seven boys and always wanted a little girl, well this is a treat for you in your spirit. You have always been in my prayers and I know you have been up there watching over me because many of my prayers have been answered. I will always be your little bears fan, and I can't wait to show your great grand daughter your doll collection. Until we meet again, love Jon Neil.

candle This candle is for ... Ann Barnes
From Vicky Heap

Momma I miss you so much life will never be the same without you. Me David Elizabeth and all your furrys loved every second we had the utmost beautiful time with you. Just miss you so bloody much sleep tight my beautiful please send down a small miracle for Poppa Heap. Xxxxx night night beautiful. Xxxx

candle This candle is for ... Anna Callaway
From Daughter

To honor your strength and courage, and praying for my own. I love you so much! In support of Lung Cancer advocacy

candle This candle is for ... to st jude
From james antony


candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From mamala and daddy

9 years have come and gone since you left us. Hate it. Tyler put a beautiful post and pictures on FB. He could really use some of your loving wisdom at this point in his life. But he is really working hard at trying to make good choices! He is so tall, it would astonish you. Haha. Hoping you love your flowers. aunt Rose brought you. Altho you are older, you will always be the amazing beauty, you always were, in our hearts. ( not sure how that happened. LOL) We love you baby girl and miss you so much. hugs and kisses!!!

candle This candle is for ... Anne Belfert
From Gail Belfert

I love you stay calm

candle This candle is for ... Barb Miller
From MaryAnn Bradley

You are truly missed my friend.