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Last year I had a cough and I Kaye Cerri 03/23/2018 - 8:13am

Last year I had a cough and I got a pain in my upper right wing bone tat lasted around abhor. I went to urgent car and the doctor who examined me said It is a sprain. I wasn't satisfied, so I went to my primary the next day and he sent me for a chest X-ray. It showed I had a mass on my lung, then he sent me for a ct scan and thats when I found out I had a tumor on my upper right lobe. I went to a pulminologist, and he determined it as malignant. I got the shock of my life, because I am a very healthy woman, and never had any health problems. I had surgery on April 6, 207, and all went well. I had 4 treatments of chemo and 28 radiation treatments. My ct scan was good, and my pet scan was good. I am fine today. There is no lung cancer in my family. I do have an identical twin sister, she had a chest X-ray, and everything was good. Does she need to get tested.