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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:43 pm 
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Has anyone else experienced Gastritus or Stomach ulcers after chemotherapy, radiation and or surgery. For the past week and a half I have had terrible stomach pains that have rendered me useless to my family. Today, my surgeon told me I probably have Gastritus or the start of a stomach ulcer and is prescribing Nexium. I hope this fixes the problem as I start chemo again on Tuesday and I cannot handle this stomach pain anymore. If anyone else has gone through this and can tell me what medicine they took for relief, I would appreciate the advice. Thank you


[size=9] Lillian (43 years old)
Smoked for 27 years (Quit at diagnosis)
mom of 3 (15, 9 and 3)
Officially diagnosed 6/9/06
Primary tumor right lower lobe and mediastinum lymph node #7 positive. Paclitaxol and Carbo plus 35 radiation treatments to chest then 10/2/06-Muscle Sparring Thoracotomy-removed lower right lobe and mediastinum lymph nodes 11/14/06-Paclitaxol/Carboplatin First of two rounds scheduled to begin,11/18/06-Serious vomiting and stomach pain, admitted to hospital. CT Scan reveals potential issue with Adrenal Gland. 11/28/06 PET Scan Scheduled Adrenal Gland lit up on PET scan, thoracic team fairly certain it is a lung cancer met. Brain MRI shows two lesions in Brain. Dec 14, 2006: GammaKnife Radiostatic Surgery to Brain performed, Agressive Chemo to begin Thursday 12/28 (Cisplatin & Gemcitibine) Administered together first week. Second and third week Gemcitibine alone. Fourth week off chemo then cycle starts again. Brain MRI results: no new lesions, previous two lesions: one completely gone the other a faint blush that is expected to be no more at next scan scheduled for March 9th. Feb. 8, 2007, PET Scan: Results Adrenal gland hotter..Feb. 20, 2007, Memorial Sloan opinion: Disease Stable, they suggest monitoring only
Mar. 9th: Brain MRI: Nothing new, Mar. 16th: CT Scan: Nothing new, Mar. 19th: PET Scan
Mar. 20th: Begin new chemo cycle Abraxane and Rapamycin phase I trial. May 2007: PET Scan shows Adrenal gland SUV lower Cycle 2 Chemo scheduled
May 21st: CT Scan shows new tiny nodule on right Pleura. Some Pleura thickening. Dr. and radiologist are not certain if infection or cancer. Getting tested for infections. May 25th PET Scan: No difference from previous PET scan. Dr.'s unclear if nodule and thickening is disease or not. Will continue treatment 6/5/07. 7/6/07 PET CT scan reveal progression. Adrenal tumor larger and new small tumor in abdomen. Officially off trial.
7/12/07 Start 150MG Tarceva. Day 10 of Tarceva, started rash..It's on my chin, scalp, around nose. Also sores in my mouth. I'm using antibiotic and steroid creams for my face and a oncologic mouth rinse for my sores. Vocal Chord Surgery scheduled for 9/4/07 after I return from Hawaii. 9/6/07 Surgery on Vocal Chord seems to be a success. Back to work today.
9/14/07 CT Scan shows progression: .8cm growth on adrenal gland tumor. Tarceva stopped, 9/25/07 began Alimta. Once every three weeks. 10/16/07 2nd Alimta treatment. 11/9/07 3rd Alimta treatment. Waiting for scans to be scheduled. 11/25/07 Panic Attack during CT Scan resulted in A-Fib of the heart. Brought to ER, then ICU, hospital total of 6 days. Taking heart meds to control heart rate. Scan shows Adrenal gland slightly bigger. Fourth Alimta cancelled. 12/22/07 met with Surgeon. Will remove Adrenal Gland and a lymph node on 1/14/08. Due to complications was in ICU and a respirator for two weeks. Also had Pneumonia and Atrial Febrillation, as well as blood pressure problems. Returned home from the hospital on Feb. 6th.

Dr. claims Adrenal gland tumor completed removed with clear margins.

3/18/08 MRI of the Brain, cervical spine and CT Scan results. No Evidence of Disease. Rescan in three months

Sep. 2009 CT Scan result: new lesion near area of right adrenal gland. Started SRS.
3-5-09 NED!!!

Lost my cousin Sal to Lymphoma on November 24, 2006. Lost my cousin Gloria to Small Cell Cancer on March 19, 2007. Lost my cousin Pippo to lung cancer in Feb. 2009]

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:36 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 03, 2006 4:22 pm
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Location: Central Florida
Hi Lilly,
My Dr. prescribed Nexium after my second treatment with carbo and taxol. They called it acid reflux. It took a little while, but finally it did help - a lot. I continued taking it for over a year. The second time I had chemo (cisplatin and gemzar) a year and a half later, I had the same problems. Different doctor (we moved) prescribed Protonix. It works too.
Good luck. I know this is absolutely awful, but the Nexium should help you.

Dx NSCLC 5/03. Surgery UR lobe. Staged as 1B. Chemo (taxol & Carbo)9/15/03 - 11/13/03. Wonderful CTs until Nov 04. Surgery 11/27/04, again staged as 1B. Chemo (Cisplatin and Gemzar) 2/05 to 6/05. Good CTs and PET since chemo.

 Post subject: Abdominal Pain
PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:06 am 
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Lisa went through this with Chemo and Tarceva.
She had sharp stomach pains, nausea, and vomiting. She lost a lot of weight because she couldn't hold anything down. We thought worst things like ulcers or bacteria or worst so we scheduled an appointment with a Gastrointestinal for an exam and Endoscopy procedure. They did blood work to check for liver and bile function and pancreas function.
The good news was that everything was normal. There was some inflamation in the lower 3rd of the esophagus (biospy) which the doctor said was probably due to the medicine (Tarceva in this case). She was told to continue with the Nexium 40mg with meals 2 times per day and to take antinausea rx as needed (Kytril in our case).
She stayed on soft foods and liquids for a week or more and is now slowly back on a regular diet.
I think she felt better just from being checked.
The chemo treatments cause inflamation which cause all sorts of stomach anomalys.
Does this sound like your situation? Chanwit

Lisa is my wife.
2/11/06-2/15/06 emer.hospital w/sob and extreme sacrum pain, dx Non Smokers right lung NSCLC IV Adenocarcinoma w/mx to brain, liver, and sacrum and rt. pleural effusion used for dx.
[Told only weeks to Live.]
2/15 1 dose Taxol and Carbo.
2/16 xferred to Edwards Cancer Center to start palliative rx tx.
2/17-3/14 rx to whole brain, thorax, and sacrum.
3/15-3/26 home rest and recovey.
3/27 Life treatning allergic reaction to Taxol in clinic ended up in emergency after large doses of Benadryl and Epinephrines.
3/28-3/30 Installed Portacath and took chest xrays.
3/31-4/17 2 week chemo delay.
4/18 Hemorrhoidectomy.
4/19-4/30 2 week chemo delay.
4/21 Pleural effusion Thoracentesis
5/1 Start Gemzar-Carbo with no reactions,Yea!
5/4 Pleural effusion Thoracentesis
Told we may have come to the end of Treatment. [Told happy to have had the 3 months.]
5/8 Gemzar only
5/23 Gemzar & Carbo
5/26 CT and admit to hospital to do Pleurodesis w/Silver Nitrate.
5/26-6/6 Pleurodesis of right lung a success and no more pleural effusion.
6/13 Doctor gives choice of continuing chemo, Tarceva, or Hospice. We chose chemo now Tarceva later. Never Hospice. Gemzar & Carbo.
6/13 - 7/11 Gemzar-Carbo/Gemzar/break sequence. Onc says that CEA blood tests decreasing from 22.5 to 5. great news!
7/14 CT and MRI scans. 7/24 Results: Brain,Lungs,Liver and Bone all show tumor shrinkage. Continue treatment.
8/15 Stop Gemzar/Carbo Chemo. because tumors not shrinking fast enough and the blood counts were down. Start Tarceva 150, once/day. CEA now down to 3.7
10/31 Continue Tarceva 150, CEA 2.9, Liver Panel Normal, Right upper lobe lung cancer tumor now a large air cavity (cancer free), left lung clear, liver mets shrinking. Doc says everything else is probably shrinking too.
Lisa is feeling much better and off O2, anxiety and hydrocodone pills and off steroids and tessalon anti cough gels.
12/1 Lisa and I started going to 24 Hour Fitness together. Her workout consists of climbing the steps to the 2nd flr. twice & abs,arm,&leg resistance exercises.
2/5/2007 Condition Stable, Bone mets causing some mild pain. Pain Clinic could only offer an ugly morphine pump - pain not that bad.
2/19/07 Started monthly Zometa to help blastic spine growth to absorb more calcium to ease pain.
4/16/07 Switched treatment to Alimta every 21 days because of some liver tumor progression.
6/21/07 Radioactive Quadramet for spinal and bone mets.
7/9/07 Alimta and Tarceva.
7/16/07 Oncologist approved next treatment of Nexavar.
9/23/07 1AM, Passed peacefully at home. She picked the moment and did it her way.
May all my friends here be free from mental and physical suffering and take care of yourselves happily.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 9:04 am 
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My mom was given Prevacid (at first) and then switched to Protonix at some point -- the med switch was purely an insurance thing and both worked for her....at least she never said anything about having trouble. She was prescribed these from the beginning (they did not wait for symptoms as she already had a history of tummy troubles).

I personally had a bout with something that was causing me lots of stomach pains close to what you describe (though I am not someone going through chemo/rad. nor have this dx). My doctor gave me an 8 week course of Protonix and it worked like a charm. Problem never returned either -- only other thing I did while on Protonix was eat soft bland foods like overcooked rice flavored with chicken or beef bullion, yogurt, puddings, soups. Things like toast came into the picture eventually, but I couldn't really handle much in the way of solid foods for a bit without stomach pain.

Hope this helps,

"If your life is free of failures, you're not taking enough risks."
-- A Father's Book of Wisdom, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Caregiver to 75 yr. old mom, dx nsclc IIIb, December 2005.


Taxol/Carbo chemo, 13 rounds
Radiation, 12 of 37 completed

Mom passed July 6, 2006.

Lost my dad (8 weeks after dx) to brain cancer, April 18, 2005.

Experience history with dx issues:

-- The necessity to research the condition and advocate HARD and RELENTLESSLY in the medical community for the welfare of your loved one.
-- Medicare insurance
-- Oxygen support
-- Blood transfusions
-- C-diff, Wasting, Anemia, Dehydration, Electrolyte Imbalance, Confusion complications
-- Skilled Nursing facility care
-- Hospice care

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:38 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:07 pm
Posts: 735
Location: lubbock, texas
Been taking some kind of stomach soother ever since i started treatment. Right now protonix. Chemo is very hard on the digestive system. God bless you. pammie

48 yr. old female non smoker diagnosed with stage IIIB adenocarcenoma in plueral lining of left lung on June 29, 2004. Mets to pericardium. Anaphylatic shock to zosyn in emergency room. ICU for three days. Drained almost 2 liters of fluid out of left lung from the pleural effusion. Radiation or surgery not an option. Have had 8 chemo treatments since 7-2-04. No noticeable effect but am stable. Asthma since 1961 and diagnosed with MS in 1995. Started Iressa in Jan of 2005. Very good response in tumor markers. As of 7/29/05 in remission.A brain met was found in occiptal part of brain so they did rads on it on 11/15/05. Have switched to Tarceva since the FDA says no more Iressa. Also am taking Temador every other week. Quit tarceva due to horrible burning skin rash. 2 more tumors found in April, 2006. Ster radiation. Too much swelling around Nov 2005 tumor so had a craniotomy May, 2006. Have lost the lower left quadrant of my vision from the first tumor. LC seems stable at this point. Got off decadron in August 2006. Have had lots of pain in various parts of my body and heart pain since then. Extensive testing on heart and no problems. Attribute pain to getting off decadron.

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